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Festivals and Traditions

Experience Portuguese festivals and traditions!

Come experience an immersive journey through time and culture, where each party is more than a celebration - it's an immersive experience that connects us to the beating hearts of communities. From ancient festivals to contemporary events, we explore the richness of cultural expressions that bring each location to life.

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Theme: Festivals and Traditions

Culturália themed trips, centered on the theme of "Festivals and Traditions" in Portugal, invite travelers to immerse themselves in the vibrant celebrations and customs that characterize the country throughout the year. From ancestral religious festivals to colorful popular festivals, each experience offers a unique insight into Portugal's cultural richness. Participants will have the opportunity to take part in traditional festivities, such as the Festas dos Santos Populares, Entrudo Transmontano, Pilgrimages and other local festivals linked to the culture of each region.


DDuring these trips, travelers will be guided by experts in ethnography and cultural traditions, who will take them to explore the historical and sociocultural roots of each festival. In addition to attending and participating in the festivities, participants will also have the opportunity to visit museums dedicated to ethnography and folklore, meet local artisans who preserve ancient techniques and discover the fascinating stories behind each tradition, providing an authentic immersion in Portuguese culture.

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