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Gastronomy and Wines

Tours around Portuguese flavors.

We make each destination a promise of culinary discoveries, where the authentic flavors of the region unfold before us. From vibrant markets to family-friendly restaurants, we explore the richness of local ingredients and the mastery of secrets that transform flavors into memorable experiences.


Theme: Gastronomy and Wines

Culturália themed trips, centered on the theme "Gastronomy and Wines" in Portugal, invite travelers to explore the unique flavors and aromas of this country rich in culinary and wine traditions. During these trips, participants will have the opportunity to taste a variety of traditional Portuguese dishes, prepared with fresh, local ingredients, and paired with award-winning wines from different wine regions. From exquisite snacks to signature dishes from the best chefs, each meal will be an unforgettable sensory experience that reflects the diversity and quality of Portuguese cuisine.

In addition to exploring Portugal's rich cuisine, participants will also have the opportunity to visit family-run wineries and historic enotecas, where they can learn about wine production methods and participate in tastings guided by expert winemakers. Along the way, travelers will be guided by food and wine experts, who will share their knowledge and passion for Portuguese gastronomic culture, providing an authentic and enriching experience that will captivate the senses and satisfy the taste buds of everyone who participates.

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