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History and Heritage

Discover the stories, places and characters that made Portugal.

Join us to unravel the enigmas of the past and appreciate the heritage that has endured through the centuries. Each city, monument or landscape is a living page in a book that tells the story of humanity.

From medieval castles to ancient ruins, we delve into the eras that shaped our civilization.


Tema: História e Património

Culturália themed trips, centered on the theme "History and Heritage" in Portugal, invite travelers to discover fascinating itineraries through the country's centuries of history and culture. On these trips, participants will have the opportunity to explore historical monuments, medieval castles, Roman ruins, majestic palaces and picturesque villages, witnessing up close the richness of Portuguese heritage. Guided by experts in history and archaeology, travelers will be led on a carefully planned itinerary that will take them to discover the secrets behind each historic site, from ancient walls to imposing cathedrals.


During these trips, participants will also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in local culture, interacting with local communities and participating in authentic cultural activities. From visits to museums and exhibitions to gastronomy and crafts experiences, these trips offer a comprehensive overview of Portugal's history and heritage, providing an enriching and memorable experience for everyone who participates.

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