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Religion and Sacred

Follow the Paths of Faith in Portugal.

Join us on this spiritual journey, where we explore the richness of religious traditions that have shaped and continue to enrich our country.

We visit ancestral shrines, majestic temples and pilgrimage sites that tell stories of devotion and transcendence.

Image by Antonio Sessa

Theme: Religion and Sacred

Culturália themed trips, focusing on the theme "Religious and Sacred" in Portugal, provide a unique spiritual and cultural immersion for travelers. From the majestic sanctuaries and basilicas to the small chapels and hermitages hidden in the mountains, each destination reveals the country's deep connection with faith and religiosity. Participants will have the opportunity to explore historic pilgrimage sites, participate in traditional religious ceremonies and contemplate priceless works of sacred art.

Throughout these trips, travelers will be guided by experts in sacred art and religious history, delving into the rituals and traditions that have shaped Portugal's spiritual identity. In addition to visits to churches, monasteries and sanctuaries, participants will also have the opportunity to discover the influence of religion on architecture, music, gastronomy and local festivities, providing an enriching and reflective experience.

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