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Books and Authors

Get inspired with our literary tours.

Join us on a literary odyssey, where each destination is an exciting chapter, and each author is a passionate guide to the wonders of written expression. Our literary tours are an invitation to discover not just places, but also the pages that have shaped culture and minds over time.


Theme: Books and Authors

Explore the thematic tours offered by Culturália, centered on the inspiring theme of "Books and Authors" in Portugal. Experience Portuguese books and literature by discovering the places that inspired the great writers and the landscapes that brought their narratives to life. From the footsteps of Fernando Pessoa in Lisbon to the settings of José Saramago's Elephant's Journey in Beira Alta, each destination represents a blank page waiting to be filled with your own literary adventures.

On these trips, you will have the opportunity to visit historic libraries, museums dedicated to famous authors, writers' homes and even participate in reading sessions in authentic settings. This unique cultural immersion promises to uncover the secrets behind the masterpieces of Portuguese literature.

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